7 February 2007

Transcribe the whole album!? Maybe I should the grooves are just too good!

So, how did you find the previous Scofield transcriptions!?

I have now got them going on...except
Protocol! Then again it was mainly done as a finger work out for this new beast to get some independence between fingers on both hands.

From one newcomer to another on the 8-string, these transcriptions really aren't that hard to play as longs as you take it very very slow, master one beat at a time and move on. If that beat isn't working, try another. The more you do it, the more the syncopations seem natural.

So I thought I would stay with the theme and do another John Scofield tune off A Go Go. They are good because the tunes are fun to play, the parts groove and even though Medeski, Martin and Wood are playing their ass' off, it's Scofield's playing that just tops it off!

So here it is Hottentot. Fairly easy to play as on 8 string as there is very little interplay between the two parts:

Hottentot - John Scofield

Preview this track in the USA:
John Scofield - A Go Go - Hottentot
Preview this track in the UK:
John Scofield - A Go Go - Hottentot

Incidently, did you know that Hottentot comes from the
name given to the Khoikhoi ("men of men") who are a historical division of the Khoisan ethnic group of southwestern Africa, closely related to the Bushmen. It means "stutterer" in the white colonists' northern dialect of Dutch, and is a name that is nowadays considered offensive by the Oxford Dictionary of South African English. You didn't know that!? I wonder it Scofield did when he named it.

I also thought, on top of putting the 8 string transcriptions up, i may aswell do lead sheets incase there are some non-8 stringers out there (I would be interested to know actually how many 8 stringers there are!? comment me saying "I'm an 8-stringer and deserve double the gig paycheck!") or other instrumentalists who are interest in playing these tunes!

So lead sheets for tunes so far:

A Go Go - John Scofield (Lead Sheet)

Chank - John Scofield (Lead Sheet)

Hottentot - John Scofield (Lead Sheet)

Protocol - John Scofield (Lead Sheet)

Have fun and let me know how you are getting on with them!


ben said...

Great scofield charts. He has some on his site but these are laid out much clearer and easier to read.

any chance of doing some from the new mmsscofield cd?


David said...

Much thanks for the transcription. You may have done it with the 8-string in mind, but I'm doing it on a 4 string banjo tuned to E-A-D-E anyway, so just the chord layout was more than helpful!

Again, thanks