11 February 2007

Kenny's got all dem Blues!

I had a request for something will a little less syncopation than the previous pieces, so I chose to do a version of All Blues. I have been getting into Kenny Burrell a bit and noticed that some of the 3 note chord shapes he uses are similar to Charlie Hunter's and I like the way he comps through the changes in this piece. There are a few nice shapes/patterns that you can easily take and use as your own.

The piece itself is particularly simple and nice to play through; the hard bit is the physical side of playing barres on the 8-string, but I feel it is something which none the less should be practiced. I know some people find playing barres hard on their fingers or wrist so take it easy and find a comfortable position to play in.

This is just an arrangement of the comping, over the next few posts I hope to have a version that incorporates the melody. At this time it has a few stretches that most people (including myself!) wouldn't find easy. So:

Kenny Burrell - All Blues (8 String)
Preview this track in the USA:
Kenny Burrell - Giants of Jazz: Guitar - All Blues
Preview this track in the UK:
Kenny Burrell - Giants of Jazz: Kenny Burrell - All Blues

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will catch you in a few days with some more simple grooves and patterns for the fellow beginners/improvers out there.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, it's Randy from the Charlie Hunter board. Thanks for the Kenny Burrell transcription!

That's exactly what I was looking for, something to get some chord shapes under my belt.

Anonymous said...

I do this in A, it opened up a lot more possibilities for me. Easier to solo and keep the separate bassline going in different positions as well. Its not that great a rendition, but I've got it posted up on my myspace page.
Doug E.

Mikey D said...

Randy, good to hear from you. I have a few more things I will be putting up soon which will be right up your street. Keep an eye out.

Mikey D said...

Doug, I had a listen and a go at playing it in 'A' myself. It is definately easier when playing all three parts. Will put a version up soon for others to play.

Nice playing, I look forward to hearing more.


p.s. The wood on your guitar is lovely!