3 March 2007

It's all in the face...

Since I recently aquired my 8 string I have had the temptation to give up the bass (possibly for lent :) )and concentrate on being a jazz guitarist!!! However, I have come to terms with the fact that this is never going to happen as my face just won't do what its meant to...

This facial talent must be something they learn at Berklee or other music schools in the US. It doesn't seem to be on my curriculum at Birmingham unfortunately. All these photos were expertly captured by ex professional musician and now photographer Dragan Tasic. Check out his link; he has hundreds of great jazz and blues musicians in his archives.

Thing's I am working on (Transcriptions should be up this week):
  • Common bass and diad shapes for 8 string
  • All Blues including melody
  • A transcription of Charlie Hunter's playing on D'Angelo's Spanish Joint
  • A few easy jazz-blues 12 bar progressions (with and without walking bass) using the common diad shapes for people to get under their fingers


Anonymous said...

i'd love to see that transcription of "spanish joint"


All Blog Spots said...

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